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[WATCH] Chinese Idols Chased & Hit by Sisheng Fans — Agency Releases Statement

Sisheng fans (sasaeng in Korean) of THESE Chinese male idols truly crossed the line by chasing and even hitting the car carrying the stars.

On July 8, photos of the car collision involving Chinese idols TNT became a hot topic among C-Netz as it was revealed that the accident happened due to their sishengs (obsessed fans).

Currently, one of the most popular C-pop boy groups is TNT (Teen in Times) which consists of seven members including Ma Jiaqi, Ding Chengxin, Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen, Zhang Zhenyuan, Yan Haoxiang and He Junlin.

They debuted in 2019 through the survival show, “Typhoon Project” and since then received immense popularity.

(Photo : Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen (Edaily))

As one of the most famous youth groups in the idol era in China’s entertainment industry, they attract a large number of fans wherever they go, but there are also endless problems with sishengs.

Recently, videos and photos of said sisheng following and chasing members Song Yaxuan and Liu Yaowen spread on Chinese Weibo.

In the video, the obsessed fan’s car hit the back of the car that the idols were riding, and it truly caused concerns due to the intensity of the damage shown.

(Photo : car collision (Chinapress))

In response, its agency, Time Fengjun Entertainment released an official statement attesting to Popcorns (fandom) about the members’ status:

“TNT has arrived at the hotel safely. Everyone is safe and we confirmed that our artists were not injured and there is no problem.”

Although the label didn’t confirm if it was indeed a sisheng, Time Fengjun said that the police had already been notified and would take relevant response against the personnel of the incident. The company also promised fans to pay attention to the artists’ physical condition in the future.

(Photo : Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen (Chinapress))

Regarding the incident of the sisheng fan chasing TNT, Popcorns expressed their anger and left comments such as:

  • “It’s getting really sick, it’s so scary!”
  • “They must have been scared, it was too vicious, and the collision was too hard. The oil even (leaked) out.”
  • “If it was intentional, please detain her (referring to the bast*rd who chased them).”
  • “Don’t do such dangerous things, fortunately, nothing happened, it was really scary.”
  • “Take them (members) for a good check! Deal with the bast*rd quickly.” 
  • “What are the comments saying? From a passerby’s perspective, it’s not just a simple rear-end collision, it’s stalking. 
  • If this situation is not taken seriously, when ordinary people are stalked and rear-ended in the future, can the one who made the mistake say, ‘Celebrities used to be stalked and rear-ended and nothing happened, but you have so many problems every day”? What should we do?”