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VLAST and HYBE Japan collaborate to launch PLAVE's Japanese debut

On July 9, VLAST announced a collaboration with HYBE Japan to officially launch PLAVE’s activities in Japan. VLAST stated, “We have signed an agreement with HYBE Japan for PLAVE’s debut and activities in the Japanese market. With HYBE Japan’s deep understanding of the Japanese market, we expect to achieve highly successful activities in Japan.”

HYBE Japan, the Japanese headquarters of HYBE, will support PLAVE’s entry and activities in Japan. This collaboration represents the largest and most comprehensive contract for Japanese operations with an artist outside of HYBE LABELS, demonstrating HYBE Japan’s confidence in PLAVE’s potential success in Japan. VLAST plans to actively pursue PLAVE’s activities in Japan through close collaboration and communication with HYBE Japan.

PLAVE, a five-member virtual boy group, debuted in March 2023 and has rapidly gained popularity across Korea and Asia. They are currently one of the most watched K-POP groups globally. Their second mini-album, ‘ASTERUM 134-1′, topped HMV&BOOKS’ K-POP sales charts for the first half of 2024, highlighting their growing influence and popularity in Japan.

With the collaboration between HYBE Japan and VLAST, PLAVE’s upcoming activities in Japan are generating significant attention in both domestic and international music scenes.