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TWICE Nayeon Amusingly Recalls How 'Scary' Lia Kim Was During Dance Training Sessions

A warm reunion has made buzz in the K-pop community!

On YouTube, 1MILLION Dance Studio officially released its first-ever episode of “Liality Show,” which was hosted by 1MILLION dance group leader and famous choreographer Lia Kim. The show featured TWICE Nayeon as its first-ever guest.

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Nayeon caught the hearts of netizens with her heartwarming reunion with her dance teacher. Likewise, Lia Kim was emotional during the episode, as she saw her student all grown up and is now a successful girl group member and soloist.

After having a lighthearted conversation regarding Lia Kim’s forgetfulnes, Amy Park asked Nayeon if they had the same view of Lia Kim as a teacher. Nayeon agreed but brought up how scary Lia Kim was back then.

Amy: “I was very curious. Did you see her the same way as I did?”

Nayeon: “Yes, you were always the same. But there were times when you were scary.”

Lia Kim: “I was scary back then. The period when I was strict because I really wanted to do well. I was young then and in my 20s. You were in high school (Nayeon).”

Nayeon: “Yes, I was.”

Nayeon then shared more certain details regarding her first meeting with Lia Kim and recalled the vigorous training experience with the dance icon!

Nayeon: “When I first met you, your hair was very long. You were a bit scary during your short bob hair phase.”

Amy: “What made you scared?”

Lia Kim: “It’s okay, you can talk about it all.”

Nayeon: “Can I really talk about it?”

Lia Kim: “It’s okay, don’t try to embellish it.”

Amy: “Just say it all.”

Nayeon: “There was a time for teacher’s splits. It was really scary.”

Lia Kim: “I know, I remember.”

Nayeon: “I was very stiff. It doesn’t look good if you’re stiff while dancing, so I had to do with the splits. You’d come up on top and wouldn’t go away.”

Lia Kim: “I pressed down.”

Nayeon: “Even if I said, ‘I really can’t do it,’ you would always say ‘You can’ and ‘Relax.’ It was scarier than the dance class.”

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Meanwhile, on social media, fans expressed how delighted they were to see the student and teacher’s reunion. Read their thoughts on the episode below:

  • “So crazy to see how far Lia Kim and Nayeon (and TWICE in general) have come. Legendary dancer and instructor, and legendary girl group. All their hard work has paid off.”
  • “Nayeon learned almost everything from Lia Kim. That’s why she dances so really well.”
  • “The old anecdotes between Nayeon and teacher Lia, are very funny and touching.”
  • “Nayeon has a secret to her impressive dancing skills! She had a good teacher.”