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TripleS Dance Routine Sparks Outrage Over 'Inappropriate' Moves

TripleS‘s latest performance has stirred controversy among fans and netizens alike, with accusations that the choreography is unsuitable for its younger members.

During a recent stage appearance, the popular girl group showcased their talents to the song ’24.’ However, videos of the performance quickly ignited a storm of criticism online. Netizens expressed dismay over what they perceived as inappropriate dance moves for the group’s underage members.

The situation escalated when the company released an ‘Official Stage Dance’ version of the performance, featuring the members in school uniforms. Despite fans voicing their concerns, the choreography remained unchanged, prompting further backlash.

IN CASE YOU MISSED THIS: tripleS Reportedly Already Receiving Salary – Here’s Why K-Netz Are Divided “Inappropriate choreography has no place in a group with minor members,” commented one netizen, echoing a sentiment shared widely across social media platforms. Fans, who had hoped their feedback would lead to adjustments, were shocked when attempts to raise their concerns on TripleS’s official platforms reportedly resulted in bans and blocks. This move intensified frustrations among the fanbase, known for its dedication and active participation in the group’s community. “The safety and well-being of the members should always be the top priority,” stated another fan, emphasizing the importance of age-appropriate content for younger idols. TripleS includes both adult members and teenagers, with the youngest member recently celebrating their 14th birthday.

The controversy highlights ongoing discussions within the K-pop industry about the boundaries of artistic expression versus responsible management of young talent. As fans continue to voice their concerns, the incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance required in promoting and protecting idols in the public eye.