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THIS Former BEAST Idol Breaks Silence on Controversial Fan Meeting Absence: 'They Told Me Not to Attend..'

In a recent revelation, Jang Hyunseung, formerly part of the K-pop sensation BEAST, has spoken out about his departure from the group, addressing the controversy surrounding his absence from a crucial fan meeting in 2015.

Addressing his absence from the fan meeting, Jang Hyunseung explained through messages on the fan messaging app, fromm, that his departure from BEAST had already been finalized by the agency. Consequently, he was instructed not to attend the fan meeting, pending an official announcement.

Former BEAST (Photo : fromm)

He clarified, “At that time, it was already confirmed that I would be leaving the group. Because they were going to officially release an article about my departure, they told me not to attend the fan meeting and not to come.”

Former BEAST (Photo : fromm)

Further detailing the agency’s directives, Jang Hyunseung shared, “The agency told me to film a video at home explaining my absence to the fans, particularly apologizing to Japanese fans. However, they also advised me to refrain from going out and instead stay at home.” Despite these instructions, Jang Hyunseung admitted, “At that time, I wasn’t in the mood to stay at home.”

Following his departure from BEAST in 2016, Jang Hyunseung embarked on a solo career under the stage name ABLE.

His transition to solo activities came amidst criticism and scrutiny, particularly regarding his actions surrounding the fan meeting incident in 2015. Fans reportedly spotted him at a cafe with friends on the day of the fan meeting, sparking controversy and backlash.

Jang Hyunseung debuted with BEAST in 2009 and garnered significant popularity within the K-pop industry before his departure. His current focus remains on his solo career as ABLE, where he continues to engage with his fan base and pursue his musical endeavors.

Meanwhile, Jang Hyunseung former member of BEAST, has caused a stir online with his remarkably youthful appearance despite being in his mid-30s. Fans have expressed awe at his unchanged looks, with many noting that he appears as youthful as ever.

His recent comeback activities, including fansign events and new music releases, have further fueled excitement among his fanbase. Social media has been abuzz with comments marveling at his consistent appearance, attributing his eternal youthfulness to playful speculations, including the effects of his military service.

Discussions also extend to his cross-cultural appeal and reflections on aging, highlighting the enduring fascination with his age-defying charm in the entertainment industry.