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THIS 4th-Gen Idol Sentenced to 10 Years for Drunk Driving, Killing A Deliveryman

Former K-Pop idol turned DJ, Yesong, has been handed a significant sentence of 10 years in prison by Seoul’s Central District Court following a tragic incident involving a fatal drunk driving accident.

The verdict marks a culmination of legal proceedings that have gripped public attention since the incident occurred.

Dj Yesong (Photo : instagram)

Yesong, whose real name is yet to be disclosed due to privacy laws, gained prominence as a member of the popular K-Pop group Instar before transitioning into a career as a DJ.

However, her life took a dramatic turn when she struck and killed a deliveryman while driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to reports from Kyung Hyang Shinmun, the court proceedings revealed damning details about the incident.

After the fatal accident, Yesong reportedly failed to take appropriate actions such as calling emergency services or staying at the scene to cooperate with authorities.

Instead, she allegedly asked bystanders if she appeared intoxicated and attempted to settle the matter by offering compensation to the victim’s family, an offer that was declined.

In sentencing, the judge underscored the seriousness of Yesong’s actions and the consequences they had on the victim’s family.

“She testified that after the accident, she asked people if she looked drunk. She didn’t try to salvage the situation and didn’t call the police. She left the scene without any explanation. The defendant offered ₩5.00 million KRW (about $3,610 USD) to the victim to settle but it was refused.

The defendant then submitted a request for leniency with the victim’s family, but the court took into account the fact that the victim had died and could not relay his wishes.”

Prosecutors had initially sought a 15-year prison term for Yesong, emphasizing the severity of the offense and the need for deterrence against drunk driving.

Despite Yesong’s plea for leniency and remorse expressed towards the victim’s family, the court concluded that the gravity of the offense warranted a substantial prison sentence.

The case has sparked renewed discussions about the dangers of drunk driving in South Korea, where road safety remains a pressing concern.

The sentencing of a former idol has also prompted reflection on the responsibilities of public figures and the consequences of their actions.