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Soccer player Yoon Joo Tae accused of maliciously spreading STD

Soccer player Yoon Joo Tae has been accused of maliciously spreading a sexually transmitted disease.

On July 9, reports revealed a soccer player in the K-League, known as the top flight of men’s professional football, is facing charges for maliciously spreading genital herpes, and the case has been forwarded to prosecutors. According to the Gyeongi Siheung Police Department, the soccer player was charged this past May, and Suwon prosecutors have been investigating.

Recent reports say 34-year-old Gyeongnam FC player Yoon Joo Tae is the soccer player in question. He’s accused of knowingly spreading type 2 genital herpes to women, an STD that has no cure. Police have stated he was likely spreading the disease intentionally.

Following the allegations, Yoon Joo Tae has been suspended from participating in matches by Gyeongnam FC. He previously played for a team in Frankfurt, Germany as well as FC Seoul and the Ansan Greeners. Yoon Joo Tae also faces additional sanctions as the Korea Professional Football Federation states violent or unethical behavior can result in suspensions and fines. 

Gyeongnam FC released the following statement:

“We deeply apologize for causing significant concern with the recent reports.

Gyeongnam FC became aware of the related issues on the 8th and immediately confirmed them, taking measures to suspend the player from participating in matches.

Currently, the issues pertain to circumstances before the player’s admission to Gyeongnam FC in 2023. After confirming the facts, we have issued a suspension from activities to player Yoon Joo Tae. Depending on the results of the ongoing investigation, we plan to take further rigorous measures.

We once again offer our sincere apologies to the fans.”