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"She's so cool and hip" K-netizens admire Min Hee Jin's composed demeanor before police investigation

ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin has garnered admiration from K-netizens for her composed and stylish demeanor while attending a police investigation.

On July 9, Min Hee Jin showed up at the police station donning a simple white shirt and baggy pants paired with a navy Nike baseball cap. She also impressed many netizens with her composed and relaxed attitude as she was walking into the police station.

When the reporters asked why she was summoned she coolly replied, “The idea of occupational embezzlement is absurd. I just need to tell the truth.”

Korean netizens continue to fall in love with Min Hee Jin, finding every aspect of her utterly charming. They commented:

“She’s so awesome.”

“Is she wearing NewJeans’ merch? lol. She’s like a walking advertisement board.”

“Her hat’s pretty.”

“Min Hee Jin fighting!”

“She looks so hip.”

“She must be really busy but she has to get investigated too.”

“I love her attitude.”

“She is so cool.”

“I bet you that hat will be sold out now… lol.”

“How tall is Min Hee Jin?” 

“I love seeing her so confident.”

“She walked out of the station smiling too.”