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Seo In Guk and Ahn Jae Hyun to have a couple's photoshoot in Cosmopolitan's August Issue

As a surprise to fans, Ahn Jae Hyun and Seo In Guk have come together once again for a couple’s photoshoot for the August issue of Cosmopolitan Korea.

The duo captivated fans worldwide in their appearance in the music video for K.Will’s “Please Don’t” in 2012. Through the music video, the two became widely known as Korea’s gay couple.

Then the two recently reunited to appear in K.Will’s latest track “No Sad Song For My Broken Heart” and brought renewed excitement to fans. 

Now, they are ready to captivate fans once more through the upcoming photoshoot. On July 9, they gave a preview through a short video of the two celebrities taking photos together.

Korean netizens and fans alike expressed their excitement about the latest update on Ahn Jae Hyun and Seo In Guk couple in a popular online community.

They commented:
“What is this combination?! I can’t wait!”

” I will be purchasing the magazine.”

“This is so crazy. This is so good.”

“Their visual chemistry is so good.”

“They look so good together. I want to see their photo on a bigger screen.”

“I must have this edition.”

“So crazy.”

“Ahn and Guk omg.”

“I love this.”

“So crazy… They look so good together…”

“Cosmopolitan knows what they’re doing.”

“This magazine knows what their readers want.”