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RIIZE's Wonbin returns to rocking the long locks

RIIZE’s Wonbin has been known for his long locks ever since his debut. Then earlier this year, Wonbin surprised fans by appearing with a visual transformation of cutting his hair shorter.

After his hairdo change, fans were torn. Some liked Wonbin’s signature long locks, while others preferred the shorter hairdo. While many were divided about Wonbin’s hair length, they all uniformly agreed that his visual was unbeatable.

On July 9, Wonbin surprised his fans by reappearing with long hair. The idol shared a series of selfies on social media, sparking excitement among fans who support the ‘long hair look.’

“Wonbin looks so good with long hair.”

“It doesn’t matter what hair length Wonbin has. He’s just so good-looking.”

“I think Wonbin’s long hair vibe is perfect.”

“He is very good-looking but definitely has more character with long hair.”

“I thought I preferred short hair but after looking at him with long hair. I think I really like him with long hair.”

“I like any hair on him.”

“He looks better with short hair.”

“I think he looks more cleaner with short hair.”

“I missed him with long hair.”

“Good. Good to see him back with long hair.”

“I still like him with short hair.”

“His vibe is really crazy with long hair.”

“With short hair or long hair. He still a prince.”