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Red Velvet Irene Sparks Internet Frenzy with Her Unexpected Reaction to Smoking Staff

Red Velvet Irene has once again captured the public’s attention, but this time, it’s with her straightforward stance on smoking. A moment from 2016 has resurfaced and gone viral.

Photos from backstage have emerged showing Irene clearly expressing her disapproval when a male staff member lit up a cigarette and smoked in front of the group members.

A post shared by instagram

As Red Velvet was preparing for their performance, Irene noticed the man smoking and the discomfort was evident on her face.

Red Velvet Irene (Photo : pann.nate)

He continued to smoke and then attempted to hide the cigarette behind his back. Irene initially gave him a sharp glare but quickly escalated her reaction by covering her nose and mouth, clearly signaling her discontent.

Red Velvet Irene (Photo : pann.nate)

Fans were quick to support Irene’s reaction at the time, applauding her for her stance against smoking in public. They empathized with her and criticized the man’s inconsiderate behavior.

Recently, the topic of smoking has resurfaced in South Korea, with several idols getting caught smoking indoors and outdoors. These incidents have made Irene’s viral reaction a hot topic once again.

A post on Pann discussing the incident has amassed over 105,000 views and hundreds of comments and likes.

Netizens thought Irene’s reaction was both hilarious and commendable. Here are some of the comments from Pann:

  • “Irene is so refreshing because she doesn’t hold back and openly shows her frustration towards people who lack common sense.”
  • “Oh, the picture is hilarious, lol. But I can totally understand Irene’s feelings. I really hate it when people smoke in non-smoking areas.”
  • “Those who smoke in non-smoking areas really deserve to get punched.”
  • “It would be great if it were legal to punch guys who smoke right in front of you. Please, make it happen.”
  • “Oh my god, Irene’s reaction is so freaking funny, lol. Seriously, it should be legal to punch people who smoke in front of non-smokers.”