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Nam Tae Hyun Breaks Silence, Truth Behind Ex-Girlfriend's Accusation: 'After I Entered the Rehabilitation...'

In a surprising turn of events on social media today, former South Korean singer Nam Tae-hyun took to his personal account to address a series of allegations made by his ex-girlfriend, Seo Min-jae.

Nam Tae Hyun (Photo : Instagram)

The post, which has since sparked widespread discussion among netizens, sheds light on their tumultuous relationship and subsequent fallout.

Nam Tae-hyun’s statement began with a candid reflection on recent revelations made by Seo Min-jae, where she accused him of threatening behavior and sharing private photos against her will.

Nam Tae Hyun (Photo : Instagram)

The singer expressed regret over what he described as a skewed portrayal of their past relationship, emphasizing the complexities and mutual faults involved.

“Not long ago, I found out that my ex-girlfriend wrote something about her ex-boyfriend. I feel regretful that she only mentioned the other person’s fault and ignored the full context and other stories. The content she’s writing about is about private matters of a couple 2-3 years ago. We often fought with each other regardless of who was more or less wrong. However, I swear that one-sided dating violence never happened during that time”

-Nam Tae Hyun

The heart of Nam Tae-hyun’s message delved into the personal struggles they faced during their time together, notably during a period marked by legal issues surrounding drug allegations in 2022.

He acknowledged their turbulent history but vehemently denied any claims of one-sided dating violence, affirming that their conflicts were often mutual in nature.

“At that time, we both apologized for hurting each other with our actions and reconciled after that. After I entered the rehabilitation center and focused on recovering, our connections were disrupted but we still maintained good relationship until recently. I realized that meeting each other would not help us develop so we recently cut contact with each other”

-Nam Tae Hyun

Seo Min-jae, whose relationship with Nam Tae-hyun was first thrust into the public eye amidst drug-related controversies, had previously claimed to have endured threats and unwelcome sharing of personal photos.

Nam Tae-hyun’s response refrained from directly addressing these allegations but expressed his reluctance to engage further in public disputes.

“I don’t know what kind of posts my ex-girlfriend might write from her perspective about our difficult past situation, but I don’t want to respond to any of her revelations or engage in her issue in the future”.

-Nam Tae Hyun

In a concluding note, Nam Tae-hyun extended well-wishes towards Seo Min-jae, hoping for her personal peace and happiness despite their acrimonious history.

“I wish happiness for that friend, whom I used to love. I hope she can get rid of her anger towards other people and find peace in her heart.”

-Nam Tae Hyun

His parting words underscored a desire to move forward from the controversy and avoid further public scrutiny over their private matters.