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Mnet unveils full confirmed lineup for revamped 'Road to Kingdom'

On July 10 KST, Mnet announced the casting lineup for the upcoming season of ‘Road to Kingdom,’ which is set to air in September. The show will feature seven teams: THE NEW SIX, THE CREW ONE (with members from ATBO and JUST B), 8TURN, ONEUS, YOUNITE, CRAVITY, and TEMPEST.

The highlight of this season is the lineup’s immense growth potential. CRAVITY, known for their unique youthful identity, will be part of the cast. CRAVITY has steadily built their presence in the K-pop industry, making their performance on ‘Road to Kingdom’ highly anticipated.

A notable aspect of this season is the return of ONEUS, who participated in the first season of ‘Road to Kingdom’ in 2020 and demonstrated their growth potential. Known for their energetic choreography and stable live performances, ONEUS has earned the title of “4th generation representative performers.” Their re-entry into the competition was reportedly driven by the members’ strong determination, heightening expectations.

THE NEW SIX, formed through a broadcast survival audition program and produced by singer PSY, will also join the lineup. They are recognized for their versatility in genres ranging from hip-hop to R&B. Additionally, YOUNITE, known for their multifaceted talents, TEMPEST, a rookie group that has already made a mark by winning several rookie awards and expanding their global presence, and 8TURN, an all-rounder group showcasing diverse talents, are all set to compete.

Another exciting entry is THE CREW ONE, a project group formed by ATBO and JUST B members to create new synergies. Their participation in ‘Road to Kingdom’ adds an intriguing element to the lineup, raising expectations for their potential explosive performance.

The newly revamped ‘Road to Kingdom’ with its fresh and exciting lineup will premiere in September 2024.