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'Love Next Door' completes first script reading as cast prepares for new heartwarming romance premiering in August

The upcoming tvN weekend drama ‘Love Next Door’, set to premiere in August, will feature a heartwarming romance. Written by Shin Ha Eun and directed by Yoo Je Won, the story revolves around a woman trying to reboot her life and her encounter with her childhood crush, who is also her mom’s friend’s son.

The drama stars Jung Hae In as Choi Seung Hyo and Jung So Min as Bae Seok Ryu. Their reunion at the crossroads of youth promises a blend of humor and warm, romantic moments. With Yoo Je Won’s previous successes in ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ and ‘Crash Course in Romance,’ and the return of acclaimed writer Shin Ha Eun, expectations are high among drama fans.

On July 10 KST, the first script reading session for ‘Love Next Door’ was revealed, drawing significant attention. The event featured a talented cast, including Jung Hae In, Jung So Min, Kim Ji Eun, Yoon Ji On, Park Ji Young, Jo Han Chul, Jang Young Nam, and Lee Seung Jun.

Despite the friendly atmosphere, the actors delivered passionate performances, bringing the script to life. The chemistry between Jung Hae In and Jung So Min further heightened anticipation for the drama.

The production team noted, “The script reading felt like a gathering of old friends and neighbors, setting a warm and lively tone. The synergy and performances of the cast will immerse viewers in the love story of Seung Hyo and Seok Ryu, as well as the lives of the ‘Hyerung-dong’ residents.”

‘Love Next Door’ is set to premiere on August 17 at 9:20 PM KST.