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Lee Sung Kyung cast as princess Jasmine in musical 'Aladdin'

Actress Lee Sung-kyung is venturing into the world of musical theater with her debut in the Broadway hit musical ‘Aladdin.’

According to our sources on the 9th, Lee Sung-kyung has been cast as Princess Jasmine in the musical ‘Aladdin,’ set to take the stage in the latter half of this year. ‘Aladdin,’ based on the Disney animation, tells the story of Aladdin’s journey in the mystical kingdom of Agrabah, featuring bold adventures, classic entertainment, a timeless love story, and genuine friendship.

The musical will be performed in two cities: Seoul and Busan. The Seoul performances will begin on November 22 this year and run until June 22, 2025, at the Charlotte Theater. In Busan, the show will open in July 2025 at the Dream Theater.

Given ‘Aladdin’s’ status as a Broadway hit, there is high anticipation from both domestic and international fans for the Korean licensed premiere. Since its debut, only three productions—’The Lion King,’ ‘Wicked,’ and ‘Hamilton’—have surpassed ‘Aladdin’ in box office success over the past decade. Currently, ‘Aladdin’ is being performed on Broadway in the U.S., as well as in Japan, Spain, and the UK tour. The musical has captivated approximately 20 million audience members across 11 productions on four continents.

Lee Sung-kyung debuted as a model in 2008 through the SBS Supermodel Contest and began her acting career with the 2014 drama ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love.’ She has since appeared in various dramas such as ‘Flower of the Queen,’ ‘Cheese in the Trap,’ ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo,’ ‘Shooting Stars,’ and the movie ‘Miss & Mrs. Cops.’ Last year, she gained immense popularity with Disney+ original series ‘Call It Love’ and ‘Dr. Romantic 3.’

In addition to acting, Lee Sung-kyung expanded her career by releasing a digital single titled ‘Eat Well, Live Well’ last year. She has showcased her melodious voice on shows like ‘King of Mask Singer’ and various YouTube platforms. Her venture into musical theater marks a new chapter in her career.

Lee Sung-kyung’s love for ‘Aladdin’ is well known. She has previously sung the musical’s theme song, ‘A Whole New World,’ on the show ‘Radio Star’ and performed it during a fan meeting last year. In June, she sang a duet of ‘A Whole New World’ with Jo Hyun-ah on the web show ‘Jo Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night,’ receiving positive reviews. According to insiders, Lee Sung-kyung auditioned for and won the role of Princess Jasmine, raising expectations for her performance in ‘Aladdin.’