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K-Netz Rave Over Red Velvet Irene's Visuals Among 4th-Gen Idols: 'She's Not Losing...'

In an online community, Red Velvet Irene is attracting attention from K-netizens for her visuals after seeing her stand with 4th-gen stars.

On July 7, Irene, the leader of Red Velvet graced the stage of SBS’s “Inkigayo” not only as a performer but as the episode’s special MC.

Upon the news, she drew attention from K-pop fans as after a long time, the idol will once again flaunt her hosting skills, gaining interest.

On the day of the show then, Irene showed off an excellent MCing abilities she acquired during her 10-year career in the music scene.

(Photo : Red Velvet Irene (Nate Pann))

During her interaction with her junior MCs Moon Seong Hyun and ZEROBASEONE Han Yujin, Irene was lauded for creating a comfortable atmosphere between them as they do their spiels.

Irene also happily welcomes younger K-pop acts as well as rookies, hyping them to do their best despite their nervousness.

But on top of her friendly and calm vibe as an MC, what stood out best on top of her professionalism was her outstanding beauty!

(Photo : Red Velvet Irene (Nate Pann))

Wearing a white off-shoulder dress, Irene is indeed the embodiment of a Greek goddess. Although she’s only wearing light makeup, it is enough to accentuate her perfect facial features and porcelain skin. She completed the look by adding a piece of jewelry to her long, wavy hair.

Following the episode, an internet user took to the online forum Nate Pann to write an article with the title, “Irene’s look is not losing even among the 4th-generation.”

In the photos, Irene is standing beside young girl groups including BABYMONSTER and STAYC. These teams are mostly comprised of young members with 15 and 19-year-old maknae members, respectively.

Although Irene is already 33 years old, she exudes a youthful and vibrant appearance you would think she’s also in her 20s — once again proving why she’s called the “Original Visuals.”

(Photo : Red Velvet Irene (Nate Pann))

(Photo : Red Velvet Irene (Nate Pann))

In the online community’s comment section, a lot of K-netz rave over Irene’s unrelenting beauty on par with fourth-gen stars, saying:

  • “She’s freaking so pretty.”
  • “She’s really beautiful. Maybe because she has MCing experience, but her hosting is also really good.”
  • “All-time legend.”
  • “I think I understand now why her Chinese fans call her a fairy. Because of this one photo, she trended on Weibo in China.”
  • “I watched her on TV over the weekend, and she’s really pretty. Her hosting skills are good, too.”
  • “Even though she’s the special MC, she has the ‘main character’ type of hair, makeup & coordination.”
  • “Irene’s real face is really amazing. I saw her at some brand event at a department store a while ago and everyone around her was like ‘Wow~’ I remember her being really, really pretty. She’s definitely not 160cm tall, she looks shorter. She’s so skinny that she looks really small.”
  • “She’s really beautiful. She’s not inferior to kids these days.”