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HYBE to create official light stick for 'Team Korea' for 'Paris 2024 Olympics'

HYBE will be creating an official light stick for ‘Team Korea’ for ‘Paris 2024 Olympics’.

It’s the first time light sticks will be used at the Olympics, and HYBE announced through the Korea Sports Council that they will provide ‘Team Korea Light Sticks’ to cheer on the South Korean national team participating in the ‘Paris 2024 Olympics’. 

This past March, HYBE signed a business agreement with the Korea Sports Council to actively cooperate in innovating and leading domestic and international cheering cultures, promoting K-culture, and more at the Paris Olympics. As part of the agreement, HYBE will supply over 5,000 light sticks developed with their own technology. They will collaborate with HYBE artists on cheering content, provide HYBE Labels’ artist content at the local Paris ‘Korea House,’ and produce official ‘Team Korea’ merchandise.

Initially, HYBE will actively use these light sticks to foster a supportive atmosphere for ‘Team Korea’ in Paris. Designed from inspiration drawn from the Olympic torch, the ‘Team Korea Light Stick’ is being presented in two versions: a general use version (TEAM KOREA OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK) and an athlete-specific version (TEAM KOREA OFFICIAL DIGITAL FLAG).

The light sticks feature the ‘Team Korea’ logo placed within a transparent top case handle, embodying the identity of the South Korean team. Below the logo, the glowing part draws inspiration from Olympic stadiums, featuring a circular pattern that spreads outwards resembling spectators in the stands. When powered on, a visual effect resembling waves of light spreading from the center maximizes the atmosphere, and it’s designed to display diverse effects during lighting setups. The athlete-specific version includes the addition of the Taegukgi to differentiate it from the standard version. The athlete-specific light stick will be revealed for the first time at the team selection ceremony for the ‘Paris Olympics’ later today.

HYBE will provide 500 light sticks for South Korean athletes and approximately 4,500 standard light sticks at the Korea House in Paris for anyone supporting the South Korean team. At the local hub of ‘Team Korea’ support, the Korea House, group cheering events using the light sticks will be organized. On July 27, the day after the opening ceremony, hundreds of people including athletes’ families and key figures from various countries will gather in the outdoor garden of the Korea House to watch the South Korean team’s matches and cheer together. HYBE plans to distribute light sticks to all attendees and present a “light stick performance” adjusting colors and lighting in sync with the cheering chants, aiming to create a unified cheering atmosphere akin to a vibrant and spectacular K-pop concert audience. HYBE plans not only to support light stick hardware but also to provide unique performance technology, aiming to actively promote the new cheering culture initiated in K-pop to sports festivals worldwide.

Furthermore, the HYBE Labels artist unit SEVENTEEN’s sub-unit BSS (comprising Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi) will join in supporting ‘Team Korea.’ BSS will kick off the “Team Korea Cheering Challenge” using their mega-hit song “Let’s Fight,” showcasing a powerful cheering dance to boost the spirits of the South Korean team. BSS’s challenge video will be released on the Korea Sports Council’s Instagram and other SNS channels on the 10th, followed by relay releases of challenge videos from South Korean national team athletes.

During the Olympics, HYBE will contribute by providing HYBE artists’ video content to the Korea House, which plays the role of “Korea Promotion Hall.” In addition to broadcasting HYBE Labels artists’ music videos and original entertainment content, the Korea House will exhibit light sticks and official merchandise. Furthermore, activities, such as a photo event using a large doll of the character Wootteo created to commemorate BTS Jin’s single album ‘The Astronaut,’ will be conducted to enhance K-content promotion and exchange at the Korea House. HYBE also plans to produce official “cheering slogans” as ‘Team Korea’s official merchandise.