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(G)I-DLE Yuqi's Hair in 'Klaxon' MV Raises Brows: 'Please Don't Piss Me Off'

Amid the high anticipation of fans for (G)I-DLE’s comeback song “Klaxon,” some Neverlands were disappointed after seeing Yuqi’s hair in the music video.

On July 8, the “4th-gen leader” (G)I-DLE is finally back in the music scene after six months with its 7th mini-album, “I SWAY.” The album contains a total of four tracks, including the lead song “Klaxon,” and b-sides “Last Forever,” “Bloom,” and “Neverland.”

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With this release, the quintet proved their “self-produced” identity as the five members participated in the production of all the songs. At the same time, leader Soyeon did both song and lyric writing, composing as well as arranging the tracklist.

On the same day, the music video for “Klaxon” was unveiled, flaunting a fun summer vibe where the quintet can be seen enjoying various outdoor activities in their swimwear.

As of now, the official MV has earned 5.4 million views in less than a day, showcasing (G)I-DLE’s power and influence in K-pop.

Meanwhile, the SNS of the group has been posting dance challenges of the members as well, opening a new music era for the team.

Yuqi has been gaining attention as well for her newly dyed black hair, receiving admiration for her vibrant beauty. However, amid praise, there is one detail that didn’t sit well with fans — and that is her braided hair.

Seeing her hair in the MV and dance challenge, some of her black supporters were appalled to see her braided hair that is almost similar to a box braid. Even her non-black fans also had to check twice if it was going to be another problem, as it could lead to a cultural appropriation controversy.

Thankfully, it was concluded that it is not CA. As the MV was filmed in Thailand, Southeast Asians explained that the hair is just a normal braid adorned with ribbons and is popular on beaches right now.

Still, Neverlands is questioning Yuqi’s stylist for giving her a hairstyle which could lead to a misunderstanding. Looking a the beach concept of the song, some fans expressed their regrets that the female idol wasn’t given a cute hairstyle that would suit the summer vibe more.

People think the braid is also poorly done, and that the stylist should have been careful, given that (G)I-DLE has been embroiled in various CA accusations in the past.

Amid this issue, the album is being well-received by fans. Among the songs, YUQI participated in writing the fan song, “Neverland,” named after its fandom. She explained its meaning, saying:

“There are times when it is tiring and difficult, but we are still moving towards our dreams, and we do not give up and work hard.”

Yuqi also wrote and composed, “Last Forever,” which she said to be a song about dreams and added:

“It contains the message that ‘it was hard, but we persevered, and in the future, let’s not change our original intentions, and let’s run hard towards our dreams’.”