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Fans say BTS's Jin looks better post military enlistment and urge him to keep his hair short

BTS’s Jin is turning heads with his post-military look.

Recently discharged from military service, Jin’s fresh, short hairstyle has commanded attention, with many commenting that he looks even better than before his enlistment. The buzz began when Jin’s latest pictorial with the French luxury jewelry brand ‘Fred’ was released.

The stunning photos gained attention for Jin’s refined visuals and fans were quick to praise Jin’s short hair look, flooding social media and online communities with praise urging him to maintain the short hair.

“So crazy.”

“Wow, he’s so good looking…”

“His face…is so perfect…”

“How does a person look like that?”

“His hair being short is amazing.”

“He has a sexier vibe now.”

‘He became more handsome after his military service.”

“I hope he keeps this shorter hair.”

“WOW. Just WOW.”

“He’s taking my breath away.”

“His good-looking face steals the spotlight away from the jewlery lol.”

“All the photos are amazing.”

“I love the short hair. I wish he keeps it short.”

“He’s sexier with short hair.”