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EXCLUSIVE [INTERVIEW] Actor Danny Lee (Sang Hyun Lee) teases new drama project

Sang Hyun Lee, also known as Danny Lee, is a South Korean actor and model who recently received the ‘Rising Star Grand Prize’ at the ‘2024 Korea Best Best Brand Awards.’ In May, Danny hosted the ‘SBTown Music Fiesta’ — an event to commemorate the 75-years friendship between South Korea and the Philippines. Prior to the show, allkpop sat down with the actor to talk about his release and what’s next for him. Read our exclusive interview with the actor below!

Shout-out video from Danny Lee:

allkpop: Can you tell us about what influenced you to pursue a career as an actor?

Danny: When I was 26 years old, I started as a fashion model in Korea. I then changed my job when I was 28 years old because my aunt was an acting teacher or coach. She taught me acting, so I got interested, then I eventually switched jobs. As an actor, I took a lot of independent roles in movies. I noticed that I always have a very bad character… and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because my face looks like a villain. I think that’s my strongest point.

allkpop: What steps do you take to understand your character and the story?

Danny: I spend [my time studying] every day. Once I get the script, I start to study my character right away. I’m trying to get inspiration from other people as well. I also write a dialogue journal or diary so I can get my mind and body active in a way. I spend a lot of time every day, but it always depends on the script and the character.

allkpop: You were the host for ‘SBTown Music Fiesta.’ What was the experience like?

Danny: I don’t think [hosting a concert] is going to be difficult. I was just worried because it was my first time to host a festival. I just had to get ready for more tension.

allkpop: What’s your favorite uplifting quote?

Danny: Do the best you can!

allkpop: Do you have any new projects that we can look forward to?

Danny: I’m filming a Disney drama right now in Korea! I also got cast in new movies as one of the main characters. We’ll work on it in Vietnam for two months, maybe June to July. It’s so exciting!

allkpop: If you could live in any drama or movie setting, which one would you choose?

Danny: ‘Squid Game’! I find it interesting.

allkpop: Do you have any final messages?

Danny: I’m going to do my best and challenge myself with new content so please look forward to me and my projects.