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Controversial Singer Jung Joon Young Spotted Flirting, Kissing Women in France: ‘Targeting Young Foreign Girls!'

In a shocking turn of events, disgraced South Korean singer Jung Joon Young, recently released from prison after a controversially short sentence, has been sighted engaging with women in a club in Lyon, France.

This incident has reignited public fury over his early release and his alleged attempts to re-enter the entertainment industry.

Jung Joon Young, notorious for his involvement in the Burning Sun Scandal and subsequent conviction for sexual assault and illicit filming, completed his five-year sentence earlier this year.

His release was met with widespread criticism, with many arguing that the punishment was insufficient given the severity of his crimes.

Reports from a French netizen present at the club described a troubling scene involving Jung.

Jung Joon Young (Photo : theqoo)

Initially mistaken for an ordinary patron, Jung allegedly interacted with the netizen and their group, even asking for their Instagram handles.

The netizen later recognized Jung and became increasingly alarmed by his presence, particularly when he was observed flirting and kissing another woman at the venue.

“I was shocked to see him there,” the netizen commented anonymously.

“I recognized him from the news and his distinctive features. It’s deeply disturbing to witness someone with his history behaving like this.”

Following the encounter, speculation arose regarding Jung’s intentions in Europe, with reports suggesting he was struggling to find work and exploring opportunities abroad.

His actions in Lyon have prompted outrage both in South Korea and among international observers, who question the sincerity of his claimed rehabilitation.

Online reactions from South Korean netizens underscored the frustration and disappointment felt towards Jung’s behavior.

Comments ranged from expressions of disgust to skepticism about his ability to reform.

Many criticized the justice system for what they perceive as leniency towards a convicted criminal.

  • “There is no such thing as rehabilitation for criminals.”
  • “He looks like he needs chemical castration”
  • “That b*stard has connections.”
  • “It’s ridiculous that you said that you are a famous Korean singer, lol, you’re not a famous singer, but a criminal.”
  • “There are some things that will never change.”
  • “People don’t change.”
  • “He’s a criminal, but he can leave the country???”
  • “He’s out of his mind.”
  • “Shouldn’t we report this to the French press? Rapist is targeting young foreign girls.”

Concerns have also been raised about the safety of young women in Europe, given Jung’s history and his reported interactions in the club.

Some have suggested taking further action to raise awareness among local authorities and the media to prevent potential harm.