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CIX Seunghun Faces Massive Hate Over BDIU Debut — Here's Why

CIX member Seunghun has found himself at the center of controversy following his re-debut with project group BDIU. During a recent live broadcast on CIX’s official YouTube channel, Seunghun opened up about facing malicious comments from fans critical of his dual promotions.

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“There are some people who leave funny comments. Think whatever you want to think,” Seunghun shared with a wry smile during the broadcast. “How can I please everyone? When I see those kinds of comments, I feel hurt because I’m only human,” he continued, expressing his frustration over the situation.

Criticism mounted as fans questioned Seunghun’s decision to participate in BDIU while CIX was expected to make a comeback. Some voiced concerns that his involvement in BDIU might delay CIX’s activities, further fueling the controversy across various communication platforms.

Seunghun, who gained recognition through the Mnet audition program ‘Build Up’, joined BDIU alongside members from diverse backgrounds in K-pop.

Despite the backlash, Seunghun emphasized during the live broadcast, “I hope many people understand. BDIU is a project where I can collaborate with talented friends while remaining committed to CIX.”

CIX Seunghun Faces Massive Hate Over BDIU Debut (Photo : Xports News)

Addressing concerns directly, Seunghun clarified, “Some people say that it’s because of me that CIX can’t make a comeback. You may think that way, but that’s not true. The company has its own plans and is preparing accordingly.”

Despite the criticism, Seunghun expressed gratitude towards his supporters, known as FIX, and his bond with CIX members.

CIX Seunghoon Faces Massive Hate Over BDIU Debut (Photo : Xports News)

“CIX members are like family to me. Let’s continue promoting happily for years to come,” he remarked, showing appreciation amidst the challenges.

Seunghun reassured fans about his dedication to both projects, stating, “Think of it as my main character, CIX Seunghun, and my sub-character, BDIU Seunghun. I will give my best efforts to both.”