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CIX Sends Fans Into Frenzy At Latest New York City Performance

K-pop heartthrobs CIX had fans’ hearts fluttering in their latest New York City performance!

Back in May, CIX embarked on their eight-city North American tour, “<0 or 1> IN NORTH AMERICA.” This marks CIX’s third North American tour since their debut. On May 12, 2024, CIX kicked off the tour with their first stop in New York City.

CIX Sends Fans Into Frenzy At Latest New York City Performance (Photo : CIX on X)

The five-member boy band, composed of BX, Seunghun, Bae Jinyoung, Yonghee, and Hyunsuk, performed a sold, two-hour set, where they performed a whopping 22 songs. In between performances, the members made sure to interact with the fans via a translator, expressing their love and gratitude for those who attended.

Throughout the concert, the members showcased their amazing physiques and they danced their choreographies — and even hit a few body rolls, which was welcomed by their devoted FIX (CIX’s fandom). Despite their steamy performances, the boys also showed off their sweet side, joking about how they needed “to hydrate” in between sets as their staggered breathing could be heard on the mics.

The group also showcased how thankful they were for fans who attended their show, despite it being Mother’s Day at the time. They repeatedly told FIXs that they loved them, and how they received their energy for them. One member even told the fans, “You’re really heating this place up!”

The setlist seamlessly alternated between high-energy dance numbers and emotional ballads, which were well-received by concert-goers. They kicked off with the industrial banger “Move My Body,” followed by the distorted, beat-switching “Bad Dream” and the percussive “458.” These were balanced by ballads like “Drown in Luv” and less choreographed songs like “LOST,” “Imagine,” and “Wave,” where the members walked around the stage, waving at fans, making finger hearts, and flirting with the crowd of dancing, squealing, light-stick waving fans.

Despite being relatively new to the scene and debuting just weeks before the start of a global pandemic, CIX has amassed a solid catalog of quality songs. Some early singles, like “Jungle” and “Numb,” were absent from the setlist, allowing the group to highlight the individual voices and personalities of its members.

During their solo sets, Hyunsuk chose LANY’s pop ballad “ILYSB,” while Yonghee performed Troye Sivan’s mega-hit “Angel Baby.” BX, the group’s designated rapper, took on Marteen’s “Left to Right,” and filled in for Latto’s rap during Bae Jinyoung’s cover of BTS Jungkook’s “Seven.” Seunghun wrapped up the solo section with a tribute to one of New York’s representative singers, Alicia Keys, by covering her early hit “If I Ain’t Got You.”

CIX Sends Fans Into Frenzy At Latest New York City Performance (Photo : C9 Entertainment)

After their New York City concert, the boys hit up several other cities, namely Montreal, San Jun, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Mexico City, and Los Angeles.