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BLACKPINK Jennie's Solo Comeback Brings Management Under Fire Over Promotional Failures

In the wake of a recent controversy surrounding BLACKPINK member Jennie, fans have taken to social media to express their frustrations with the management of ODD ATELIER, Jennie’s agency, and her manager.

Jennie (Photo : Instagram)

The issue began when photos of Jennie allegedly smoking indoors surfaced online, prompting criticism from fans and the public alike.

Fans of the K-pop star have inundated ODD ATELIER’s and Jennie’s manager’s social media accounts with comments and messages, demanding better promotional efforts ahead of Jennie’s upcoming solo projects.

Specifically, they have cited concerns over the lack of regular updates on social media, delays in posting press releases, and the use of low-quality images on Jennie’s official accounts.


On various platforms, including Instagram, fans have rallied each other to leave comments and engage with posts from ODD ATELIER and its staff.

Why do you keep posting low-quality images on X and Instagram? Even though there are high-quality photos of her with Billie Eilish and the Chanel event, you keep posting low-quality versions of it. Please check the photos when posting…

– Anonymous

Many expressed their anticipation for Jennie’s solo comeback, slated to be her first in six years, and emphasized the importance of timely and high-quality promotional materials.

“We need to make our voices heard! Jennie deserves better promotions for her solo comeback,” read one comment on Instagram, echoing the sentiments shared by numerous fans.

However, the backlash has not been without its detractors.

Korean netizens have shown mixed reactions, with some expressing understanding for the fans’ concerns while others criticized what they perceived as excessive interference in the management’s decisions.

COMMENTS (Photo : instiz)

  • “It’s pitiful ㅠㅠ Are they gathering to support someone they pity, or are they becoming pitiful themselves when they join?”
  • “That fandom seems the same domestically and internationally”
  • “Ah.. I work in entertainment and I really dislike this case.. Do they think everything happens as easily as they say?”
  • “It’s a solo fan meeting, why act like that?”
  • “They shouldn’t be involved with them”
  • “Isn’t that manager the same one from YG days? They used to do a good job, why are they behaving like this?” 

“This kind of direct action from fans seems too extreme,” one netizen commented on a popular forum, reflecting a sentiment shared by others. “It’s concerning if fans are pressuring the management to this extent.”

Meanwhile, discussions have also arisen about the dynamics within fandoms and the challenges faced by management in the highly competitive K-pop industry.

Some netizens pointed out that such actions are not unique to Jennie’s fandom, noting that fans of other idols have similarly engaged with management over promotional strategies.

“This fandom’s dedication is remarkable but maybe they are going too far,” another comment read, highlighting the ongoing debate among fans and observers.