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Bang Si Hyuk’s Latest Actions With ENHYPEN Draw Scrutiny AGAIN: 'Selective Respect'

In a recent episode of the popular entertainment show “Omniscient Interfering View,” ENHYPEN took center stage alongside industry veterans J.Y. Park and Bang Si Hyuk.

Aired on July 7th, Episode 306 provided fans with an exclusive peek into ENHYPEN’s new dorms, travel adventures, and their recent collaboration performance.

The episode captured a heartwarming moment when Bang Si Hyuk, founder of BIGHIT MUSIC, paid a surprise backstage visit to ENHYPEN.

Known for his role in producing much of ENHYPEN’s music, Bang Si Hyuk engaged in a candid conversation with the members, who warmly greeted him with respect and cheerfulness.

Bang SI Hyuk/ENHYPEN (Photo : theqoo)

Despite his senior position, Bang Si Hyuk maintained a friendly rapport with the idols, exchanging light-hearted banter about their recent tour and performance.

Bang Si Hyuk/ENHYPEN (Photo : theqoo)

During their interaction, Bang Si Hyuk addressed the members using honorifics, a gesture reciprocated by the group, underscoring a mutual respect between them.

Bang Si Hyuk/ENHYPEN (Photo : theqoo)

The CEO’s visit concluded with a heartfelt gesture towards ENHYPEN, leaving a positive impression on both the members and viewers alike.

Bang Si Hyuk/ENHYPEN (Photo : theqoo)

However, amidst this warm reception, controversy brewed online regarding Bang Si Hyuk’s alleged treatment of another group, NewJeans.

Netizens expressed frustration over what they perceived as a stark contrast in Bang Si Hyuk’s demeanor towards different groups under his label.

Claims of selective respect and allegations of prosopagnosia, a condition reportedly cited to explain his behavior towards NewJeans, sparked heated debate among online communities.

  • “Every time I see something like this, I just remember that he didn’t accept NewJeans’ greeting.”
  • “?? He’s so shameless.”
  • “Has his facial recognition disorder gone away?”
  • “I guess it’s selective respect.”
  • “He didn’t accept greetings from NewJeans babies.”
  • “Oh, I don’t think he has a facial recognition disorder???”
  • “But he ignored the greetings of NewJeans.”
  • “Then please use honorifics for the other company’s group, don’t ignore them.. “
  • “Is facial recognition disorder optional?”

Reaction to the episode has been mixed, with some applauding Bang Si Hyuk’s amicable interaction with ENHYPEN while criticizing what they view as inconsistencies in his conduct towards other artists.

Comments online reflected a sentiment of disappointment and skepticism towards the CEO’s actions, questioning the authenticity of his relationships with artists under his label.