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Ador CEO Min Hee Jin faces first police investigation over embezzlement accusations from HYBE

Min Hee Jin, CEO of ADOR, who has been accused of embezzlement by HYBE, appeared for her first police investigation on July 9 KST.

Min Hee Jin arrived at the Yongsan Police Station at 1:38 PM KST to undergo questioning as the accused. When asked what she would focus on during her statement, she responded, “I will speak the truth. The embezzlement claim is baseless.” Her police investigation began at 2 PM.

HYBE filed the complaint on April 26, accusing Min Hee Jin of attempting to seize control of its subsidiary, ADOR, through embezzlement.

Min’s representatives assert that, given the company’s share structure, a takeover is impossible, and she has never committed embezzlement.