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A netizen reports BLACKPINK's Jennie to the Korean Embassy in Italy for smoking indoors

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has been reported for allegedly smoking indoors.

On July 8, a video of Jennie smoking indoors began circulating on online communities, sparking controversy. The video was part of a vlog uploaded to Jennie’s YouTube channel, but the video was quickly deleted.

In the video, Jennie appeared to be smoking an electronic cigarette while getting her makeup done, and the smoke was directed towards a nearby staff member. Netizens criticized Jennie’s behavior, calling it “disrespectful” and questioning, “What did the staff do to deserve this?”

One netizen reported the incident to the Korean Embassy in Italy. This individual, identified as ‘A,’ believed the filming location was the island of Capri in Italy.

The netizen stated, “I requested an investigation from the Korean Embassy in Italy through the national petition website. I strongly urge a thorough investigation into Jennie’s indoor smoking incident and strict measures to be taken.” The netizen also shared a screenshot confirming the submission of the complaint to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In Italy, a smoking ban in indoor public spaces has been in effect since January 2005. Violators caught smoking indoors can be fined up to 250 euros (approximately 270.30 USD) per cigarette, with fines doubling if the smoking occurs in the presence of pregnant women or children.