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5 Underrated K-Dramas you must need to check out if you're a fan of Romance

K-dramas have a special place in the hearts of romance enthusiasts worldwide. While popular series often steal the spotlight, several hidden gems deserve just as much love and attention. These underrated dramas offer unique storylines, memorable characters, and heartfelt moments that can touch your heart in unexpected ways.

If you’re a romance fan looking to explore something new, here are five underrated K-dramas that should be on your watchlist.

One Spring Night (2019)

Episodes: 32

Lee Jeong In is a librarian who decides to prioritize her happiness. She’s been dating Kwon Gi Seok, a successful and handsome banker, for four years. She then meets Yoo Ji Ho, a single father and pharmacist. Jeong-In and Ji-Ho begin to see love and relationships differently as they get to know each other.

My Strange Hero (2019)

Episodes: 32

Kang Bok Soo, a troublemaker and bully hunter, attends Seolsong High, a prestigious school segregating students by grades and status. He dates top student Son Soojung, who hides her poverty. Her secret is exposed after confiding in Bok Soo, leading her to think he pities her. Distraught, she overhears an argument between Bok Soo and his friend Oh Seho.

About Time (2018)

Episodes: 16

Choi Michaela is a hopeful musical actress with the unique ability to see how long people have left to live. On her way to an audition, she gets into a minor car accident and meets Lee Doha, a wealthy heir and the president of MK Entertainment. She discovers that her life clock pauses whenever she’s near him, so she becomes determined to stay close to him.

Something in The Rain (2018)

Episodes: 16

The series explores the growing relationship between Jin Ah, a coffeehouse supervisor in her 30s, and Joon Hee, a video game animator in his late 20s. When Joon Hee returns from working abroad, he reconnects with Jin Ah, who is also his sister’s childhood best friend. Their transition from acquaintances to a genuine couple is captivating.

I Am Not A Robot (2017) 

Episodes: 16

Kim Min Gyu enjoys wealth and success but lives in isolation because he suffers from a rare allergy to human touch. His condition causes severe, life-threatening rashes whenever he comes into contact with others. He then ends up meeting a girl who is pretending to be a robot in order to cover for a failed robot delivery.

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