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40-year-old male celebrity under investigation for assaulting citizen who reported his drunk driving

A male celebrity in his 40s is under police investigation for assaulting a citizen who reported his drunk driving.

According to police on the 9th, Seoul Seongdong Police Station is investigating celebrity A for assault.

A is accused of driving under the influence after drinking at a restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul, around 3:40 a.m. on the 2nd and driving approximately 3 kilometers to his home in Seongdong District. He is also accused of choking and assaulting the person who reported his suspected drunk driving.

At the time, A’s blood alcohol content was reported to be at the “license revocation” level (0.08% or higher).

The police have forwarded A’s drunk driving charges and are currently verifying the facts regarding the assault charges based on statements from the victim and A.