Promoting Vietnam tourism on Youtube

A tourism promotion program, entitled “Vietnam: Di De Yeu” (Discover Vietnam), has been launched in order to advertise Vietnam as a safe and attractive destination for visitors.

Vietnam is becoming a safe and attractive destination for visitors. (Photo: VNA)

The program was co-organized by the Tourism Information Centre under the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Google and the VinPearl hotel system.

“Discover Vietnam” is attended by many famous and influential YouTube content creators among young people with a large number of subscribers, such as H’Hen Nie, Chan La Ca, Khoai Lang Thang, Helly Tong, and Fly Around Vietnam.

Each YouTube Creator will work as online travel narrators, helping audiences explore the beautiful landscapes, culture, cuisine, and people of Vietnam by filming their trips across the country and then sharing the videos on their personal YouTube channels, as well as the program’s YouTube channel at

Their experience videos will contribute to advertising Vietnamese tourism through vivid films and genuine emotions. From there, Vietnam’s image and atmosphere of hospitality is expected to be promoted to both domestic and foreign visitors.

The habit of finding travel information online is becoming a popular trend. Notably, in June and July 2020, after the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism launched a domestic tourism stimulus program, the number of searches for digital information on tourist spots on the Google platform skyrocketed, even up to 66% compared to the same period last year.

The launch of the channel is among VNAT’s efforts and general sense of determination to apply digital technology to boost tourism development while stimulating travel demand amongst YouTube viewers./.