Ly Son district tags QR codes for tourist spots

Tourist spots in Ly Son Island, the central province of Quang Ngai, will be tagged with QR codes to bolster digitization in local tourism development, said Mr. Truong Van Suu, Head of the Ly Son district Culture and Information Office.

Gieng Tien volcano viewed from above. (Photo:

Accordingly, the Management Board of Ly Son – Sa Huynh Geological Park and Ly Son district will attach 28 QR codes at tourist destinations in the island. Visitors can use smart-phones to scan this code to access information about landmarks, travel guides, and specialties of the Ly Son – Sa Huynh Geological Park. Tourist information is presented in both Vietnamese and English.

The 28 destinations tagged with QR codes include: the gallery for the Hoang Sa naval fleet, Xo La Well, Co Cave, An Hai village communal house, Cemetery of coral fossil mill, Ly Son house, Cau Cave, Thoi Loi Volcano, Temple of Thien Y A Na, Hang Cave, Hon Soi Volcano, To Vo Gate, Gieng Tien Volcano, An Vinh beach rock, Shipwreck area; Ly Son garlic specialty production establishment; An Vinh village communal house, Tomb of Tan; Tomb of Ong Vinh An, Ly Son garlic onion plantation, Hon Dun Volcano, Mom ship, a

ncient coastline, field of naval, Hang Bank, seawater store mode, and An Binh beach rock.

Mr. Truong Van Suu said that the Management Board of the Ly Son – Sa Huynh Geological Park has trained officials, civil servants and tourist units of Ly Son Island and issued QR codes to the Culture and Information Office. It is expected that the 28 QR codes will be attached before the Lunar New Year 2021.

Recently, the Ly Son district People’s Committee has issued a manual on management and use of the geographical indication for Ly Son garlic products./.