Cai Chanh Military Base recognised as national special historical site

Cai Chanh Military Base in Bac Lieu Province was recognised as a national special historical site on April 29.

Cai Chanh Military Base recognised as national special historical site

The house in which Le Duan, then Secretary of the Central Office for South Vietnam, used to work

Pham Van Thieu, chairman of Bac Lieu People’s Committee, said Bac Lieu was proud to be able to contribute to the reunification of the nation as a key base in the south-western area.

“For this day, we are grateful for Ho Chi Minh and older generations who sacrificed for peace and union,” Thieu said during a celebration for the Reunification Holiday.

During the celebration, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism transferred the certificate that recognises Cai Chanh Military Base as the national special historical site to Bac Lieu authorities.

Cai Chanh Military Base is located in Cay Cui Hamlet, Hong Dan District. From 1949 to 1952, high-ranking officials worked at the base to lead many movements in the southern region like Le Duan, Pham Hung and Nguyen Thuong Vu. Vo Van Kiet, then deputy party secretary of Bac Lieu also chose to work at Cai Chanh Base.

On January 26, 2011, Cai Chanh Base was already recognised as a national historical site.

Cai Chanh Base covers over 50,000 square metres and was invested VND32bn for renovation and conservation.

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